Scalar Quantum Superposition

Weird quantum effects can travel for HUNDREDS of miles:

Physicists detect bizarre phenomenon over longest range yet


World exclusive , the elusive superluminal Chameleon .

Ryan O’Hare for MailOnline

The mind-bending world of quantum physics has been shown to have effects which stretch far beyond the small scale.

Researchers in the US have found that subatomic particles can exist in a strange state of superposition – a point at which the indecisive particles are in all states at once – even when they are travelling over hundreds of miles.

The team claims the experiments are the longest range tests of the effect ever recorded, and take us a step closer to unlocking the potential of quantum mechanics.

Working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Fermilab physics laboratory in Illinois, a team of physicists studied the states of neutrinos, among the smallest components of an atom.

Neutrinos are pretty inert, passing straight through matter and rarely interacting with it and require extremely sensitive equipment to be picked up.

But in addition to this, they have another strange property: they exist in a number of states, called flavours.

The team studied neutrinos at Fermilab and compared them to those at an a highly sensitive underground detector in Soudan, Minnesota more than 450 miles (730 km) away.

When the tiny particles travel from one destination to the other, they can switch states, effectively leaving in one flavour but arriving in a different one.

But while they travelled the hundreds of miles from Illinois to Minnesota, the team found the neutrinos were most likely to be in all states at once, or in superposition.(continued at source)

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