Crowd Justice – Tony Blair


A Crowd Justice fund has been started by Roger Bacon and Reg Keys whose sons were killed in the Second Iraq War .

To quote from the campaign page :

‘Those responsible should be held to account. Now it is down to us, the Families, to ensure that justice is done. Not only for the sake of our children, siblings, parents and spouses, whose lives we can never get back, but to deter our state officials from ever again abusing their positions with such tragic and far-reaching consequences.’

Cultocracy note :

State officials always abuse their position . It is patently obvious that democracy is not working . Time & again the UK public are simply ignored & cast aside , we are increasingly becoming a thorn in the side of the establishment . The people at the top have ulterior motives & hidden agendas , more often than not involving the accumulation of wealth & power & the satiation of their sick perverted desires . These same people feed off the taxpayer like cancerous parisitical vermin . The whole system is rigged in their favour , the only recourse are actions like the one described in the link below , this one in relation to Tony Blair & the Iraq war .

Blair was a puppet who sold out the UK public for wealth & a place at the trough , but then don’t they all .

Chilcot Enquiry Crowd Justice – CHILCOT INQUIRY – ANSWER FOR IRAQ

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