Kincora Whitewash – Police call to exonerate Mi5


Contempt for the public , protection for high ranking paedophiles .

The Kincora enquiry was set up to establish the facts regarding disgraceful sexual & physical abuse in care homes & institutions in Northern Ireland . The inquiry has finished taking evidence & the full report is due to be published within the next six months . As is usual in these cases the victims were young boys from underprivileged working class backgrounds , pimped out , peddled & prostituted for the sexual gratification of seriously disturbed high ranking establishment figures .

All of the ingredients seen in similar cases across the UK are visible ;

  1. The ‘security’ services , always in the thick of it .
  2. A Masonic style ‘secret society’ , the Orange Order .
  3. High ranking politicians .
  4. High ranking members of the police force .

In a well rehearsed & now a very standard fashion the police , security services & high ranking politicians have closed ranks & decided that in the interests of ‘national security’ i.e. The interests of themselves & their corrupt & compromised friends , that the inquiry should exonerate all involved except the victims themselves . Conveniently many of the abuse victims are now dead , other have been ‘pressured’ or paid off , silence can be bought , dead men tell no tales .

  • Theresa May was the government minister in charge of overseeing the abuse inquiry ,
  • Theresa May has recently became the leader of the government .
  • Theresa may has been accused of perpetuating the cover up by victims & their representatives .
  • Theresa May refused to allow Kincora to be added to an overarching inquiry into state sanctioned paedophilia in England .

Loyalty is always rewarded .

Was the Kincora abuse instigated purely for blackmail & control of top figures , the modus operandi of Mi5 ?

Or was there a far more sinister underlying motive ?

Conclusion :

The establishment will always look after the establishment at the expense of the people .

Read the articles in the list below from the Belfast Telegraph & decide for yourselves just who organised the paedophile rings & what their true motives were . It seems like every man & his dog knew about Kincora , every man & his dog except of course the ‘security’ services .

  1. Police call to exonerate Mi5 over Kincora Abuse
  2. Intelligence Services did not know of Kincora Abuse until Scandal broke
  3. Kincora boys home abuser tried to get child to have sex with animal
  4. Mi5 did not exploit or cover up Kincora
  5. Mi6 agent was aware of abuse
  6. No Mi5 child sex ring at Kincora
  7. No Paedophile ring or prominent figures in Kincora abuse
  8. Boy stripped naked and sexually assaulted on first day at Kincora
  9. Social Workers knew about Kincora
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