Millimeter Microwaves: ‘Anti-Terror’ Artificial Intelligence Scanners

By Pippa King21st Century Wire


How the UK authorities use microwave scanners , state voyeurism .

There is a new technology being tested for use on UK civilians en masse on our streets, millimetre microwave scanners.

These electromagnetic radiation scanners, which use Ultra Wide Band (UWB) at 75-110 GHz, are able to be beamed at crowds to detect potential concealed weapons being carried by individuals.

Using the same technology as the American airport TSA scanners, over which there has been much controversy in the level of detail these scanners reveal about an individual, MiRTLE, provided by Radio Physics Solutions (RPS) purports to use artificial intelligence (AI) to identify weapon shaped objects without the system revealing the human body image.

Practically this would make sense, as a human operator seeing a crowd of people imaged by ‘millimetre’ microwaves would not be able to effectively scan the crowd for weapon shaped objects or suicide vests. Hence the use of AI.

Note that security workers, particularly those working at airports, have been drilled in various PR talking points in order to assuage public concerns on this experimental technology, including the popular corporate line that, “It’s perfectly safe – it’s on only millimeter microwaves.”

IMPORTANT POINT: This technology is funded by us, to be used on us. Funded by us, via our taxes paid out to various UK government departments and police.

The UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills oversees the UK Research Councils, one of which is the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) who, along with the Metropolitan Police and the Home Office Scientific Development Branch, funded the research into this technology as early as 2009 with research starting back in 2004 at Manchester Metropolitan University by Professor Bowring, Head of the Centre for Sensing and Imaging at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

It is designed to work out on the streets and is not (restricted) to a closed, controlled environment,” Professor Bowring [from Manchester Met University] told BBC News.

According to the UK Business Angels Association and the Mayor of London’s Office document for the Smart London Investor Showcase held in March 2016, RPS are working with “major UK police forces (including London’s Metropolitan Police), Counter Terrorism Command & the Home Office (CAST)”.
(The Smart London Showcase is part of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson’s, Smart London Plan, published in December 2013.)

On the RPS website MiRTLE apparently can be applied in the following scenarios: transportation, schools, private security, government, event security, and defense. Note, the order is listed as per their website.

Soft civilian targets first and military use last, with the inference that it keeps the general population ‘safe’. However, the main agencies interested in these products are not schools or transport companies, it is the military.


Cultocracy note :

The above are the favoured mode of deployment for personal microwave scanners . If an unknown person places one of these next to you in a public area such as a bar or behind your seat on a train (they may then make a sharp exit for a few minutes) then you are being irradiated . These devices can be set up to scan an individual in their own home , building up an ‘ultrasound’ type image , they can also be modulated to form weapons of torture & harassment . It is thought that similar scanners are now being installed into public CCTV & ANPR systems on an ‘experimental’ basis . The technology is part of the process of full spectrum dominance adopted by the UK STASI , this technology will be abused , this technology will be used for control .

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