‘Bomb Threats’ made to UK schools

By Cultocracy

More than 40 schools in the UK have received terror attack telephone threats in the last 2 days . The calls were made on the 23rd & 24th May & have been described as ‘automated robocalls’ , the calls included standard terror speak terms including ‘beheadings’ , ‘shootings’ & ‘bombings’ . Further similar calls were made to schools across 10 different states in the U.S. Around 80 calls are thought to have been made in the last 24 hours alone . The calls probably fit into one of the categories below .

  • A lone hoaxer or small group ‘playing a prank’ together with several copycats .
  • Amateur ‘wannabe’ terrorists influenced by terrorist propaganda .
  • Professional terrorists .

Apparently the calls follow on from identical calls made earlier in the year which were attributed to an online group which had hacked a VOIP account . The group were then taking a ‘fee’ in bitcoins from students across the globe to make a call to their own school . The tactic has more than likely gone viral & led to a string of copycat calls .This has been conveniently left out of most newspaper articles of the hoax calls .

The mainstream media meanwhile is doing an excellent job of ramping up the strategy of tension & spreading fear & confusion with very few actually stating that the calls are actually hoax . The mainstream media is highly controlled .

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