The Queen’s Speech – Trojan Horse #1

By cultocracy

The Queen’s speech to parliament on the 11th May 2016 presented several new items of draft legislation  , one of these was the innocuously sounding ‘Digital Economy Bill’ . The bill was supposedly created to provide ‘high speed broadband for all’ . Craftily embedded within the small print are vague proposals that would allow the bulk sharing of electronic data across the full breadth of government departments , including local councils & even private companies . Combined with the TTIP agreement currently being bulldozed through the EU parliament , this would mean that almost any organisation in the EU , UK & the U.S. would be able to access sensitive information on any UK individual . Laughably the proposals have been justified by the cultocrats by citing that vapid refrain the ‘War on Terror’ (yawn) , mystifyingly the bill has also been described by cultocrats as ‘enabling the government to track poverty & people in financial debt’ ?!?  The legislation has been described as a ‘Whitehall coup’ , Whitehall is run by the spooks .


The new logo for Whitehall ‘The Ministry of Information

What information does the shadow government currently collect ? Answer – everything .

With the advent of ‘smart’ electronic devices a complete individual or group profile can be constructed with ease , this is known as a ‘dataset’ . This information will be used to target individuals & groups of individuals . This information will be used to cement the totalitarian control structure currently being formed in the UK . This information will be used to stamp out ‘dissent’ . This information will be abused by the shadow government . This information belongs to you , not them .

As usual the keyword is control , control of the individual , control of the family , control of the country .

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