The Queen’s Speech – Spot the Trojan Horse

Posted by Cultocracy

The Queen is delivering the Government’s speech at the State Opening of Parliament today . The main points amongst the pomp & ceremony & drunken politicians are listed below :

  • Digital Economy Bill – The right to high speed broadband for every household .

Cultocracy note : Except if you live in a ‘remote area’ when you will have to pay 5 million pounds for a phone line .

  • Modern Transport Bill – New laws governing driverless cars & drones .

Cultocracy note : Clearing the airspace for surveillance drones , probably piloted by the local council checking on your wheelie bins at considerable cost .

  • Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill – Gives new powers for people to shape developments in their own areas .

Cultocracy note : Expect large scale developments in protected areas as the local population crumble under the weight of ‘incentives’ from developers .

  • Local Growth and Jobs Bill – Gives local councils the power to set business rates & invest the income from business rates .

Cultocracy note : Expect wildly varying rates from town to town , expect the formation of more ‘ghost towns’ & the invention of crazy pet schemes as the local politicos rush to ‘invest’ the business rate cash .

  • Better Markets Bill – Making it easier for consumers to switch utility suppliers .

Cultocracy note : Expect more citizens being charged extortionate prices by the energy cartel to switch to the free energy firm called the ‘Liverpool Loop’ .

  • Bus Services Bill – Gives Mayors the powers to govern public transport .

Cultocracy note : Expect ‘luxury buses’ in your area complete with bar & jacuzzi to ferry the Mayor’s wife to the hairdresser .

  • NHS (Overseas Visitors Charging) Bill – Enabling the recovery of N.H.S bills from non UK residents .

Cultocracy note : Expect newly formed bailiff squads to travel first class to Khazakstan & Timbuktu to collect the 50 quid charged for pulling a tooth from a ‘non UK resident’ .

  • Pensions Bill – Removes barriers to accessing pension savings .

Cultocracy note : Encouraging more savers to pay their own pensions whilst the politicians gradually erode the state pension whilst simultaneously increasing National Insurance payments .

  • Children and Social Work Bill – More adoptions & more support for children in care .

Cultocracy note : Expect a booming private ‘adoption industry’ with children being classed as ‘business assets’ . They will then be auctioned off to the highest bidder , who will more than likely be the latest establishment run peadophile ring .

  • Education for All Bill – Expansion of the Academy programme .

Cultocracy note : Expect more children being locked into prison style schools , predictive programming for their future .

  • Higher Education and Research Bill – Supports the establishment of new universities .

Cultocracy note : Expect the education system to complete the transformation to a business model straight from the book of Gordon Gecko . Greed is good , especially when we can set our own tuition fees .

  • Prison and Courts Reform Bill – New powers to governors to run their own prisons .

Cultocracy note : More privatisation & profiteering from the politicians on behalf of their wealthy paymasters . Expect British prisons & young offenders institutions to be run in a manner as depicted in the films ‘Shawshank Redemption’ & ‘Sleepers’ .

  • National Citizen Service Bill – Expands the volunteering scheme for young people and puts it on a permanent footing .

Cultocracy note : Paving the way for a system of ‘national service’ also known as slave labour , closely partnered with the ‘Education for All’ bill above .

  • Lifetime Savings Bill – Establishes a Help to Save scheme and Lifetime ISAs .

Cultocracy note : Expect the new generation to have their hard earned savings squandered & siphoned by bankers & ‘derivative’ traders with massive cocaine habits , thus paving the way for a new ‘bail out’ & ‘austerity measures’ , of course paid for by the savers themselves .

  • Soft Drinks Industry Levy – Introduces new tax on sugar-rich fizzy drinks from April 2018 .

Cultocracy note : More tax that can be spent on new wars & duck ponds for the ‘elite’ .

  • Small Charitable Donations Bill – Helps charities and community groups increase fundraising powers .

Therefore negating the need for central government funding leaving more tax that can be spent on new wars & duck ponds for the ‘elite’ .

  • British Bill of Rights – ‘Consultation’ on proposals to replace the European Human Rights Act .

Expect to be stripped of the remaining scraps of freedom & human rights , Orwellian Dystopia here we come .

  • Counter-Extremism and Safeguarding Bill – Tackles extremism by restricting ‘preachers of hate’ & their ability to influence others with their views on extremist terrorism & violence .

Cultocracy note : Of course this does not extend to the establishment , who of course have never preached any form of hatred towards Muslims & have never bombed or maimed any person in any Muslim country & have never preached any form of terrorist propaganda as regards the ‘War on Terror’ .

  • Criminal Finances Bill – Makes it a criminal  offence for companies which fail to stop staff facilitating tax evasion .

Two words Mr.Cameron – Panama Papers .

Of course the above does not extend to any wealthy corporation or individual who write the tax laws in the first place .

  • Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts Bill) – The UK will sign an international convention protecting cultural artifacts in war zones .

Cultocracy note : Of course cultural artifacts are far more valuable than human beings . To any normal person the best way to protect ‘artifacts’ in ‘war zones’ would be to not illegally invade & destroy the country in the first place , for example in countries such as Iraq , Libya , Syria etc.

  • Wales Bill – Establishes new devolution settlement for Wales.

Cultocracy note : Devolution before they decide to vote for independence from the Westminster cartel run by the Crown .

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