WikiLeaks – TTIP – US Global Strategy

Cultocracy note :

The TTIP negotiations are increasingly looking like a corporate Trojan Horse to introduce G.M.O’s into Europe , obviously this will be opposed by the vast majority of European farmers . There have been renewed E.U. lobbying efforts by the U.S. based agri corporations like Monsanto , these negotiations have now been debased to horse trading . The UK corporate lobbies that hope to further their own interests are led primarily by the corrupt City of London banking sector , the same criminal cabal that engineered the Global financial crisis & left the UK insolvent . It is a very good time to be a wholesaler of brown envelopes in Brussels .

Expect the negotiations to be lowered to the level of the gutter when the U.S. agribusiness corporate lobbies pressure (bribe & blackmail) their respective governments to introduce tariffs on exports from the E.U. , an old negotiating technique known as blackmail . In Washington there is talk of extra import levies or even total import bans on European cars & technology , unless the E.U. accepts the terms of the TTIP as presented by the U.S. corporations .

The question is whether the E.U. will buckle under the pressure , or is it too late as palms have been greased & votes already bought ?


‘Closed door meetings’ = ‘Take this bribe or we will destroy you’

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