Revealed: The links between Hillsborough and South Yorkshire Police’s 1984 Orgreave ‘cover-up’


Divide & conquer , the oldest trick in the establishment handbook .

By Rob Parsons – The Yorkshire Post

Calls for a new inquiry into the 1984 Battle of Orgreave were growing tonight after previously censored documents revealed links between an alleged cover-up carried out by senior South Yorkshire Police officers at the time and the force’s actions five years later at Hillsborough.

Redacted sections of a watchdog’s report into clashes between police and striking miners reveal that the same senior officers and solicitor were involved both in the aftermath of Orgreave and of Britain’s worst sporting disaster in 1989.

Sections of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) dossier, seen exclusively by The Yorkshire Post, reveal that these officials became aware South Yorkshire Police officers had perjured themselves at the miners’ trial in 1984, but kept this fact secret.

Another officer interviewed about the alleged Hillsborough cover-up by South Yorkshire Police claimed that some of his colleagues were told by unspecified officers not to write anything in their notebooks at the time of Orgreave and then instructed to do the same in the aftermath of the 1989 disaster.

The disclosures, which can be revealed now that the jury has returned its verdicts on the unlawful killing of 96 Liverpool football fans, will strengthen the claims of campaigners that the same malpractice and police tactics used to blame fans after Britain’s worst sporting disaster were first used five years earlier in relation to Orgreave.

As a result, it is alleged, the crisis-hit police force was able to repeat the same tactics to deflect attention from themselves in the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster.

It is clear evidence of the rotten culture that has bedevilled this force for too long. Like the people of Liverpool, the mining communities of South Yorkshire now need to be told the truth about their police force and the policing of the miners’ strike.

Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham

Cultocracy note :
The miners were caught between the corruption of the unions & the corruption of the establishment . Neither the Unions or the establishment care about anything or anybody , except themselves , their corrupt cronies & primarily their wealthy donors . The establishment were petrified that the unions were being infiltrated by ‘communists’ , of course all apparently bankrolled by the then Soviet Union . The unions led by Scargill played their tired old political games using the miners as pawns , the miners were in the middle of a political tug of war . The word went out to crush the unions , a long held strategy , no doubt endorsed by an increasingly paranoid landed class that insanely saw a potential Bolshevik uprising & not the reality , which was hard working miners striving to save their livelihoods & communities . The parasitical ruling classes do not see people or families or communities , they only see threats , most of them imaginary & produced by their rotting , evil minds . The miners were broken , communities destroyed , the legacy of which is still visible in mining communities throughout the UK today .
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