Psychotronic Torture & Control – An Introduction

By Cultocracy

The best way to understand electromagnetic waves is to think of an ocean’s waves . Some waves in the ocean are big , some are small , the size of the wave is called the amplitude . Some oceans have waves that are closely grouped together and some have waves that are spaced further apart , this is called the frequency . Researchers figured out how they could change the amplitude or the frequency of electromagnetic waves in a controlled way , this is called amplitude modulation or frequency modulation .

Our brains operate on waves that are extremely low frequency , from one cycle per second to about 50 cycles per second . One cycle per second is called a Hertz (Hz) .

1,000,000 cycles per second = Megahertz (MHz)
1,000 cycles per second = Kilohertz (KHz)
1 cycle per second = Hertz (Hz)

Extremely low frequency is a term used to describe radiation frequencies below 300 Hertz (Hz) . There is increasing evidence that ELF magnetic waves can affect brain waves . ELF waves can penetrate walls and even go through the earth , they can create mood shifts according to how many cycles per minute they are sent .  Specific brain wave frequencies can be associated with different mood or thought patterns .

Infra-low brain waves are basic rhythms that form the foundation for higher brain functions . They play a major role in the homeostatic processes of the human body , they are also thought to be associated with the limbic brain system which is linked to human emotion , long term memory & the sense of smell amongst other things .

Delta waves (.5 to 3 Hz)
Delta brainwaves are slow , loud brainwaves , they are generated in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep . Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state .

Theta waves (3 to 8 Hz)
Theta brainwaves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation , theta waves are also present in the brains hypnagogic state experienced when we wake or drift off to sleep .

Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz)
Alpha brainwaves are dominant during calm or relaxed periods of thought . Alpha is the resting state for the brain and can help coordination , alertness and learning.

Beta waves (12 to 38 Hz)
Beta brainwaves dominate our normal waking state of consciousness . Beta brain activity is generally related to analytical thinking or problem solving .
At the higher end of the scale beta brainwaves can cause excitement or agitation .

Gamma waves (38 to 80 Hz)
Gamma brainwaves are the fastest of brain waves and relate to the rapid simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas . Gamma waves are associated with high levels of cognitive function & memory . The human brain stops producing gamma waves in anaesthesia .

A logical conclusion therefore is that brainwaves can be artificially altered by the transmission of a modulated signal from an external source .
This has actually been proven in a multitude of scientific experiments . Military Intelligence and other groups have conducted extensive research into the effects of ELF waves upon the human mind & body . The body will act as an antenna to external frequencies & the bodily changes that can be artificially induced in a person by directed ELF attacks are numerous , different frequencies will obviously produce different results . For example certain frequencies can be deployed to make a person fall asleep , become depressed , agitated or sexually aroused .

A comprehensive list of frequencies & their bodily effects can be found here .

Most research on this subject is of course kept secret by the groups involved . Other known frequencies which could be further used to manipulate the mind artificially are listed below .
Visual centers of mind–25 Hz
Sense of touch center–9 Hz
Auditory (hearing) ctr– 15 Hz
Motor control– 10 Hz
Subconscious thoughts–20 Hz.

Remote torture or manipulation of targeted individuals
The basic equipment required for this type of remote torture or manipulation is easily attainable , all that is needed is a RF transmitter coupled to a modulator to produce the desired frequency . Multiple frequencies can also be mixed to produce new frequencies , often a microwave carrier signal will be modulated with a single ELF signal to produce the desired bodily effect . The transmitter can then be directed at a specific target using a portable concave reflective dish , similar to a small radar dish . A choke mechanism on the dish can be used to further produce a wide field or a narrow beam , this type of weapon is known as a MASER , or microwave laser . The dish used to direct the signal is fixed to a motorized tripod , this allows pinpoint targeting , furthermore the equipment can be controlled remotely via a computer link . The computer can be used to fine tune the modulated signal to produce the desired effect , it can also be programmed to be completely automatic without a human controller . The equipment is usually installed in a property close to the target .
Alternatively a smaller transmitter can be covertly installed into the home of a target , quite often secreted within an electrical appliance . This type of device can emit a specific signal at timed or random intervals , again the equipment can be controlled remotely .
Targets are most vulnerable when they are asleep , primarily because they represent a static target and therefore it is much easier to ‘lock on’ to the person .

Symptoms of being targeted
Brain waves often lag behind the transmitted ELF , allowing the ELF signal to supercede a targets own natural brain rhythms .
When subjected to an attack targets report a wide variety of symptoms these include tingling sensations in the limbs & face . The standard response of the human body to this form of attack is a ringing in the ears , flushed face , fatigue , a tightening in the chest & increased pulse . The sleep cycle is disturbed & targets will often wake in an agitated state sometimes sweating profusely due to the thermal effects of the microwave signals . The short term effects will clearly include tiredness & fatigue , the secondary effects of which will include impaired mental function . As described earlier the MASER signal can be directed into a narrow beam which can cause burns on the target which often resemble cigarette burns , these are often visible on the face or buttocks of the target .

Long term effects
The longer term effects of ELF torture are less known , at least in the public domain . Adequate sleep is necessary for the healing of both mind & body , when a persons sleep pattern is disrupted on a continuous basis the foundations are laid for the formation of chronic illness . Most notably the thermal microwave effect on the human brain can cause the leaching of calcium , intracellular calcium signaling is fundamental to brain physiology . Plaques of calcium are formed within the brain that can cause disruption to the electrical signalling system . Such plaques are known to be a factor in degenerative illnesses such as alzheimers or dementia . There has been a steady & significant increase in alzheimers & dementia in the UK and other countries where these torture & control methods are used .

Why ?
Why have intelligence agencies & shadow elements embedded within the military decided to use weapons such as those described above on certain individuals ?
The answers are not clear , this type of harassment & torture seems to have been honed within the boundaries of the old Soviet bloc countries . It was widely used against dissidents & other individuals deemed to be a ‘threat’ to the status quo in countries like the old Soviet Russia & communist East Germany . The general public in these countries were considered to be a menace , especially if they questioned or disagreed with government policy . The advantages to the paranoiacs & sociopaths that formed the ruling clique are clear , the torture is invisible and almost impossible to prove .
Since the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 Western governments including the UK have been able to access files relating to the methods used by the security services in the old Soviet bloc countries , they have realised that such methods are effective in controlling the general population . In parallel the U.S.A formed Project Pandora , this classified programme included detailed research into the effects of microwaves on the human mind . As usual control is the keyword .
Another more alarming element is mind control . Individuals can potentially be directed to act or perform actions against their will , obviously serving the needs of the controlling powers . Experimentation also seems to be a factor , the methods have not been perfected , unwitting test subjects are needed to constantly stay one step ahead of rival groups who also use similar  technology . Such individuals are profiled and inducted into a large scale system of abuse often known as ‘the programme’ , the ‘programme’ has many facets , often interconnected . It goes without saying that once these individuals have outlived their usefulness they are deemed to be a liability and are expendable , they can easily be replaced .

Who ?
Who is targeted by these sadistic & draconian techniques ? Any individual can be targeted , the methods described are primarily directed at whistle blowers and political ‘dissidents’ across the spectrum . Also individuals co-opted or sequestered for clandestine government or military ‘black projects’ will inevitably become targets . The message is clear , we are in control & we will strive to maintain that control at any cost , fear is a massive control factor in any society . The geographic spread of targeted individuals suggest that this is a worldwide issue , although in the West the concentration of this type of targeting seems to be inside countries linked to N.A.T.O.

Military Cult Partnership
The prime interest of cult groups has always been control , whether through hypnosis or basic trauma programming . Increasingly there has been an amalgamation of both cult groups & military intelligence , the techniques of mind control usually reserved for higher level masonic style cults have been widely absorbed into shadow government agencies . The methods have been thoroughly researched & are now at a technical level that most people would find hard to comprehend .

Technology that could be used for a broad range of humanitarian purposes has been harnessed by groups whose prime motives are the accumulation of power & money , the technology is jealously guarded . Often the prime motives are hidden behind other facades such as ‘national security’ or the ‘war on terror’ . The democratic systems of government of the UK , the U.S and other countries are falling apart , the real power lies elsewhere .
The real power lies with the abuse of the technology & the groups that control the technology .

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