Hillsborough Verdict – Unlawful Killing

Ian Herbert – The Independent

The 27-year battle for justice by families of those killed at Hillsborough were vindicated today after a jury found the 96 victims of the 1989 disaster were unlawfully killed – a verdict which could see former police chief David Duckenfield stand trial for manslaughter.


The verdict was one of 14 conclusions reached by the jury of nine who, significantly, also concluded that Liverpool supporters had played no part whatsoever in the causes of the disaster.(continued at source)


Cultocracy note :

Chief Supt David Duckenfield (above) was a high ranking freemason who was promoted due to his connections , not because of his ability as a policeman . The cover-up after the disaster was large scale , involving politicians , the media & public employees across the board . I take my hat off to the courageous Liverpudlians who took on the establishment & exposed them as liars & common criminals , even though it did take 27 years .

Cronyism , corruption & connivance are standard fare for most freemasons & their cult masters . How many more incompetent cowards & liars are promoting the cult agenda & not serving the British public who pay their wages ?

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