Hyde Park Smoke In

By Christopher Hooton The Independent

I’m stood watching a policeman confiscate and fastidiously bag a young man’s grinder, a procedure which, given that there are people smoking weed around him as far as the eye can see, doesn’t feel so much like shutting the door after the horse has bolted, as after an entire stampede of them have already made it 50 miles down the road.

Hyde Park is absolutely packed for 4/20 this year, the annual celebration of cannabis that in the UK also serves as a protest against the government’s stagnant drug laws.


(Cop) Seize ! Kill !  (Dog) Nah , can’t be bothered .


I’m bad at estimating crowd sizes, but there’s a similar density of people to what you’d find at a festival, and this stretches a good couple of hundred metres back from Speaker’s Corner, while the scent of bud reaches Marble Arch station.

Talking to attendees, who mostly sit in gaggles around mini-speakers, innocuously crafting enormous, architecturally-confounding joints, it seems attendance is up from last year, as frustration only increases in the wake of fairly rapid decriminalisation/legalisation around the world.

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