Nikola Tesla – Father of Scalar Field Energy

Nikola Tesla was a genius who died in poverty , he was a humanist who only wanted his inventions to be used for the benefit of wider society & mankind . On his death research papers & personal effects were confiscated by shadow groups embedded within the U.S. establishment . His work on scalar energy was suppressed . Meanwhile further clandestine research based on his work continued , hidden from public view . Today the fruits of this research are starting to rear their ugly head , corrupt criminal elements & insane individuals within government agencies are using the technology to further their nefarious self-serving agendas . On a small scale this involves human experimentation with scalar weapons on unwitting subjects , also the torture & intimidation of individuals & whole communities , so called ‘targeted individuals’ , the ultimate goal being the submission or eventual death of the person involved . On a larger scale there are geoengineering weapons such as H.A.A.R.P.

The indiscriminate use of these weapons is affecting the whole ecology of the planet . Weather systems can be manipulated , plants & animals susceptible to the wavelengths & resulting potentials are under constant attack . The long term effects are not known , the medium term effects on humans include the inducement of cancer & other chronic illness .

The maniacs involved do not care about anything or anyone .

They crave only foie gras & fast cars .

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