JTRIG Tools & Techniques from the Donuts in the Doughnut


Looks like a flying saucer to me , I believe it is known as the ‘mothership’ . (Image source – Wikipedia.org)

I was idly surfing the interweb when I stumbled across this interesting leak on whistleblower Edward Snowden’s site , I am always sceptical about this type of ‘leaked’ document although this one seems to be on the mark . Edward Snowden comes across as a decent type & maybe this kind of document was what pushed him to blow the whistle in the first place , although I am wondering why there are redacted sections , they seem to be the names of the hackers . You have to wonder why the powers that be need even more power & have fast tracked the recent UK surveillance bill .


* Notice the title at the top ; ‘TOP SECRET SRAP1’ (strap-on) .

Basically it outlines the tools that the tools in the UK Gestasi (Gestapo + Stasi = Gestasi) have at their disposal . It is a bit like a full Strap-on , sorry , Snap-on tool set or massive Swiss Army Knife for the interception , dissection & manipulation of the flow of electronic data , an electronic knicker-sniffer’s wet dream .


What’s interesting are the names of the hacking tools , examples are ‘spice island’ , ‘berry twister’ , ‘soda water’ , ‘clumsy beekeeper’ & ‘scrapheap challenge’ . Very imaginative , the people that created those tags are definitely worth every penny of their 50k salaries . At the bottom of the list is the title of the whole ‘research network’ , appropriately named ‘Dirty Devil’ . Tied into an earlier post of mine there are references to cell towers & WiFi networks , these are called ‘top hat’ , ‘mustang’ & dancing bear’ . The ‘top hat’ description states : ‘A version of the Mustang & Dancing Bear techniques that allows us to pull back Cell Tower & WiFi locations targeted against particular areas’ , more research on these techniques will be posted soon(ish) .

A far more noteworthy piece of real estate in Cheltenham is the Cheltenham Racecourse . Home of the famous Cheltenham Festival where I had a 33/1 each way win on Fagan this year , Fagan came in second .


Cheltenham – where the spooks go out to play .

The link to Edward Snowden’s site & further reading below :

  1. EdwardSnowden.com
  2. British spies seek to control the internet (The Intercept)
  3. JTRIG Tools & Techniques (The Intercept)
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