Anarchist Kid

Cultocracy note :

The clip above is taken from the 1957 film ‘A King in New York’ directed by & starring the comedy genius Charlie Chaplin . The boy is Michael Chaplin , Charlie Chaplin’s son . Chaplin was hounded out of the United States in 1952 under the climate of the McCarthy era communist witch hunt .

Chaplin came from a deprived background , he was forced into a workhouse twice between the ages of seven & nine . His father was an alcoholic whom he barely knew & he was effectively orphaned at the age of fourteen when his mother was admitted to a mental asylum . Despite the hardship he rose to fame through a combination of talent & hard work , a true working class hero . Of course he was viewed with mistrust & envy by a myopic establishment who only know privilege & silver spoons , he never sold out his principles & ideals for an easy ride to the top . He was never one of them , always one of us .

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