Chilcot Whitewash delayed (again)

The Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war has been postponed until after the EU referendum .

Obviously the powers that be do not want want to work too hard in the coming months :

  • They will actively try to bury the Chilcot report .
  • They will actively try to rig the EU referendum .
  • They cannot do both at the same time .


Cultocracy has therefore decided to leak the real Chilcot report to the UK public .

The main findings are listed below :

  • Tony Blair , war criminal  , traitor & puppet – guilty as charged .
  • The UK political establishment  , compromised via financial incentives & blackmail – guilty as charged .
  • The Blair government compromised via a large scale paedophile ring – guilty as charged .
  • The UK security services – exposed as liars & stooges .
  • The cost to the British taxpayer for the failures in Iraq & Afghanistan – £30 billion .
  • Opium production in Afghanistan – doubled .
  • Estimated deaths of Iraqi & Afghani citizens – 680,000 (ongoing) .
  • UK casualties in Iraq & Afghanistan – 634 (ongoing) .
  • Profiteering by traitor & war criminal Tony Blair – £70 million .
  • Total cost of the Iraq & Afghanistan wars – £770bn .

The resulting effect on the UK :

  • The imposition on the UK of a global racketeering system known as the ‘War on Terror’ .
  • The freedoms of UK citizens stolen & eroded by a corrupt ‘elite’ .

Conclusion :

The establishment will always look after the establishment .

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