Nightmare for Merkel & the CDU in German state elections

In Germany the anti immigration AfD (Alternative for Germany) party made large gains in local state elections , reporters called it a ‘black election Sunday’ . It was a bad day at the office for German Chancellor Angela Merkel .

voter-graphSpanish daily El Pais described Sunday’s election results as a ‘political earthquake’ .

According to Le Figaro AfD leader Frauke Petry’s ‘populist’ campaign platform ‘worked’ .

Le Figaro’s Berlin correspondent Nicolas Barotte described the results as a ‘nightmare’ for the CDU and party leader Merkel. ‘One sole topic dominated the campaign,’ Barotte wrote, ‘the refugee crisis.’ Discussing the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) and its huge hauls in all three states, he concluded: ‘This populist party’s anti-immigration, anti-establishment campaign worked.’


Like a drink does our Angela , but then don’t we all .

British paper The Times said that Merkel ‘was given a bloody nose by voters’ flocking to the right-wing, euroskeptic AfD ‘in a backlash against her generous refugee policy during its first test at the ballot box.’

The Daily Mail described the outcome as a ‘crushing verdict on open-door migration.’ Political correspondent Jack Doyle wrote that the AfD had ‘surged in popularity following Mrs Merkel’s decision to roll out the red carpet for more than a million migrants.’

The Guardian’s correspondent noted that Frauke Petry’s ‘right-wing upstarts appeared to have benefited from an increased voter turnout across the country’ .
Many of the votes for the AfD party came from first-time voters & not disillusioned voters .


Looks like she’s had one too many , ‘Did you spill my pint’ .

Other international commentators stated ‘The results laid bare the extent to which the migration crisis has polarized German society’ with one crying out ‘Germany is torn’ calling the ballots a twin vote of no-confidence , both in terms of refugee policy and grand coalition government more generally.

German commentators said it was a warning shot towards Berlin regarding next year’s federal elections , calling them a clear signal of voter dissatisfaction. The Swiss-German Newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung says the established parties have two political responses open to them ; either to recognize ‘that the majority of the voters for the the AfD are not merely a bunch of grubby racists, extremists and simpletons, who are best ignored; or alternatively, to launch into an indignant outcry in the media and politics about the threat from the ‘right-wing-populist’ parties.


One for the road ( hic !!)

Who is the puppet master ?


Angela Merkel has no more power & will not be the person of the year this year

One of Germany’s largest newspapers Der Spiegel seemed to be particularly aggrieved by the results with the headline ‘Germany Enters a Dangerous New Political Era’ .

A quote from the article :

Spinning Out of Control

The Internet has broken apart this intimate twosome. Now, anyone can join the discussion. That in itself is a good thing, but in the refugee crisis, the debate has spun out of control. One of the roles long played by journalists is that of gatekeeper, largely filtering out the hate, conspiracy theories & other lunacy . That allowed for a more temperate, constructive debate. Despite at times passionate disagreement, politicians and journalists were able to find common ground and make compromise possible. Germany worked.

It isn’t difficult to see the black dystopia that may result: Anger, fear, unchallenged claims to truth and conspiracy theories create a mood that elevates those politicians who are best able to manipulate that mood, in part because he or she helped create it. Identity replaces representation, just like in a dictatorship. All checks and balances — including the party system and the media — fall away. Democracy falls prey to emotion.

Full article in Der Spiegel here

Cultocracy note :

The Internet has broken apart this intimate twosome. Now, anyone can join the discussion ? Journalists as gatekeepers ? Conspiracy theories (twice) & other lunacy ? Black Dystopia ? Just like in a dictatorship ? This shows utter contempt for the German voters , I suggest Der Spiegel pick their dummy up from the floor .


Der Spiegel is owned by the Bertelsmann group , a multinational media conglomerate , the group has actively endorsed Merkel since the early 1990’s .

According to The Economist , Der Spiegel is one of continental Europe’s most influential magazines.

Cultocracy note : Germany under Merkel has joined other puppet regimes & is now a fully paid up member of the  fabricated ‘War on Terror’ club . The ruling party under Merkel have adopted a policy of increasing militarization , maybe they thought that they were missing out , maybe they wanted to be Barry Obomber’s new best friend . Any war creates a refugee crisis , this is a given , normal people do not want a bomb dropped on their head whilst walking the dog , or be shot at whilst shopping .

Under normal circumstances refugees could head over the border to a neighboring country , in the Middle East this is not possible , do you cross the border to Syria ? Iraq ? Libya ? You head to the place where you feel it is the safest .

You reap what you sow .


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