A Secret War of Controlled Chaos – Part 2


The following post follows on from the previous post and is abridged from an article written by Anthony Forwood . It describes the methods used to form the control structure necessary to implement the intended authoritarian regime in the UK and other countries throughout the world. The primary objective is to form a spy network to monitor the population, mainly through a vast network of citizens turned informants, and fighting any opposition by overt and covert measures, including hidden psychological destruction of dissidents. Similar methods have been used extensively by corrupt dictatorships and discredited regimes throughout Europe , examples are the Stasi in East Germany , Romania under Ceausescu and the Gestapo in Germany under the Third Reich .

Don’t Bend , Don’t Break .


Social Self-Destruction: A Secret War of Controlled Chaos
By Anthony Forwood© Copyright 2011 All rights reserved

The New Secret Police, Better Known as ‘Gang-Stalkers’

With the rapid changes taking place in our society and the increasing proliferation and dependence on communications technology, we’ve barely even noticed that domestic spying and covert surveillance is constantly taking place, and more rampant and widespread than ever before in human history. The public fear that has been created by the heavily promoted threats of terrorism and the conditioning effects they have had on the public has led to many of these changes we’re going through.Through the effect of such major media events as the Waco massacre, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine shootings, and the 9/11 disaster, the public has been conditioned to distrust their neighbors and fear the average stranger on the street.They are even made to feel suspicious of their friends and family members. The greater separation from others and the further isolation of the individual from once-intimate and personal circles of trusted others is being facilitated by fear tactics, at the same time that communications technology is filling the gap with a new style of interacting with others that keeps most people satisfied enough to feel that nothing has really been lost.With population levels so high, people become less appreciated.Another change that has taken place in our society is the way that we’re being policed. Many crimes are no longer investigated in the traditional way, and more time and effort is being put towards intelligence gathering and information analysis,focused more on protecting the upper classes and their interests than on the general public.The use of informants has always been a standard practice in the military and law enforcement, but in recent years this has increased dramatically, and members of the public from all walks of life are routinely being recruited into a secret network of spies and agent provocateurs who have come to represent a secret police force.This army is used not only to passively watch and gather information on selected members of the public, but also to police them and even punish them. It’s done in a manner that is hardly ever noticed by anyone other than the targets themselves.This secret network usurps the legal process completely and allows those who have created this new system to target anyone that they decide to, for whatever reason they choose, and completely hidden by a very efficient and well-established method of keeping information and activities secret.

A Look Inside the Network
The following looks at how this network might conceivably operate.

Good Citizens
The majority of the new recruits to this secret network are well meaning people who seriously want to help make society a better place to live. They are people who will usually trust in authority without question. They are the easiest to recruit voluntarily. These people will be told that by joining, they are helping the community at large and fighting crime. They are told that by being a member, they will be able to be immediately alerted by a computerized tracking system whenever people who are deemed to be dangerous citizens are nearby, which will offer them a sense of added personal security.

Average Citizens
Other recruits aren’t approached in such an innocent manner.Some are forced to join, rather than tricked. They might be bullied, bribed, or blackmailed instead, through whatever means necessary. They are heavily recruited at immigration centers and places of employment, but anybody might be approached.Something as simple as a parking ticket might lead to an offer to overlook it if the person receiving it volunteers to take part in a special program to help their community.

Bad Citizens
Another type of recruit is the criminal who is up against charges that could result in a lengthy prison term. In this case, the police can use much greater force in gaining their cooperation, and keep them under their control by always having the threat of prison to coerce them to do their bidding.All of these different types of recruits are told that they will be assigned targets to watch and given occasional tasks to perform.

Once they’ve signed up but before they’re told anything further, they’re made to sign a non-disclosure agreement, legally binding them to a code of silence.
The first rule of spy club is to never discuss spy club. Members are also watching each other, of course, and are expected to report on any other member who shows signs of disloyalty or breaches the rules. Covert surveillance and monitoring of the population was stepped up dramatically in the wake of the 9/11 scare. No great fanfare was made of it in the mainstream media, and the few who heard about it ever gave it enough thought to realize what it signified.Increasing police powers that allow them to use what they call ‘police agents’. A ‘Black Op’ member will be assigned to such tasks as breaking into a target’s home and planting surveillance devices, engaging in harassment operations, and infiltrating a target’s circle of friends and associates to acquire information on a target, to destroy the target’s friendships with others, and try to set them up for entrapment.They can be used to stage criminal activity so that it appears that there is more crime than there would be otherwise, leading these other members to feel that what they do is necessary and useful. These ‘Black Ops’ might be organized to start riots at public demonstrations,giving the police the excuse to go in and silence the protesters in order to defeat their public campaign. They can also be used to influence the perceptions of other members, the ‘good citizens’ and average citizens’, by staging criminal activity to create false scenarios that influences the person’s perceptions and beliefs.This is largely a self-propagating system in increasing it’s membership, and it is highly automatable, providing a very unique method for conditioning and controlling a society, both individually and collectively.

Targets are routinely generated through the use of ‘watch lists’. These are lists of people who are deemed to be a threat to the public and supposedly need to be watched.There is a very broad range of possibilities for being put on a list. People can be placed on these lists by the police, doctors, lawyers, employers,etc., for very loosely defined reasons, and the person on the list is never informed of the fact, therefore being denied the ability to formally question the reasons or defend themselves against false allegations.

Everybody in life gravitates to a level of understanding and awareness of the world that they are most comfortable and able to work with, some middle ground between the known and the unknown where what they accept as true is supported by the common consensus or known ‘facts’ and what they don’t know remains in the dark and is never explored as long as it doesn’t threaten to affect their current level of contentment. When something does threaten that level of contentment, our natural reaction is to try to deny it, to rebury it, to continue to try to explain it in terms of what we believe, until it becomes impossible to deny it any more and we must finally give up and admit that our level of contentment has been permanently shattered by a deeper truth that we weren’t ready for.This is why it’s very hard for people to believe that gang-stalking, and the fascist elements in government that it has grown out of, is not as real as targets describe it.This is why people don’t want to believe that they and everyone around them are being turned into slaves of the state.

The full text & more interesting & informative articles by Anthony Forwood can be accessed on Scribd by clicking the link below .

Anthony Forwood articles on Scribd


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