A Secret War of Controlled Chaos


The following post is abridged from an article written by Anthony Forwood . It offers a very perceptive view of what is happening in the UK and indeed the world at this very moment . There is a systematic attempt to destroy the freedom & liberty of every individual , to be replaced by a totalitarian regime which enforces a collective mind set on the people as a whole . This is a creeping process , designed to lead us towards a system of government very similar to the communist & fascist regimes of the previous century .

Welcome to the Hunger Games .


Social Self-Destruction: A Secret War of Controlled Chaos
By Anthony Forwood© Copyright 2011 All rights reserved

The Age of Secrecy and Covert Control

We are living in a new type of society. What we remember life to have been like only thirty to fifty years ago, and the ideals and beliefs that we once commonly held about our society and ourselves, no longer apply. We used to fully accept and even cherish the idea that each person had the freedom to live, think, and act in whatever manner that they might choose, as long as it didn’t negatively affect anyone else. A man’s home was his castle, and what went on there was nobody’s business but his own. We didn’t judge others too strongly for their differences, and often found them to be novel and interesting for their very uniqueness and originality. However, over the years, those rights and freedoms we once enjoyed and which were meant to preserve our individuality (and by extension the natural creative progression of our evolution)have been stripped away bit by bit, and at an ever increasing rate, until our entire global society has been turned into something far less desirable than it once was. The advances in technology, more than anything else in our entire human history, has caused incredible and sudden changes to our world. Not only does it affect the way that we do things, but also how we think and what we believe. The ever-increasing rate that these changes take place have kept us moving along at a rapid pace that leaves us unable to stop long enough to seriously consider what effect they’re having on us. These constant and rapid changes caused by technological advancements are leading us into a future that we have no control of as ordinary citizens, and at a cost to our individual freedom and security. Technology has always been praised and promoted as a huge benefit and advancement, promising to eliminate problems while providing greater freedoms. Although they might easily do so, few people seem to realize or are unwilling to admit that no problems have ever been eliminated by our use of technology without creating a multitude of new ones, nor that we haven’t really gained any more freedoms at all but have instead become more enslaved.This isn’t by accident. The people who make the decisions that affect our lives claim that it’s all in our best interests, and that nothing – not even Mother Nature – should stand in the way of progress. The problems that are created by past changes become the excuse to advance further changes, and this is all defined as progress. The fact that no real progress is actually being made (at least not for the majority of us) and is even avoided through the use of a standard bait-and-switch maneuver, like a stage magician who distracts the audience with one hand while the other hand does something unseen, creating an illusion with a series of carefully planned moves that draw attention away from the truth. We’re all so mystified and in awe of how technology is being used (and the implications of that) that we don’t ever consider how it could be being used.

But the problem I’m presenting here goes much deeper into the very structure of society than what technology has wrought, and encompasses virtually every aspect of it, from the highest levels of governmental power, throughout the business and social sectors, creeping into every profession, belief system, and lifestyle. It encroaches on every possible endeavor that might be undertaken, so that no power will ever fall into the hands of those without it, and whatever power might be there to take is siphoned off by those who do. Technology might be considered neutral and even good, on it’s own, but when it’s controlled and directed as we see being done in our society today,it offers an incredible power to enslave and manipulate both individuals and whole populations. Power is the game, and we’re all just playing pieces.

The government keeps a lot of secrets about things. Some of these secrets eventually reach public awareness, but many others don’t. Still other secrets are already out there in plain view, yet still remain in the realm of urban myth as far as most people are concerned.To assure that certain information is kept secret, it is compartmentalized so that only those who absolutely need to know any part of it are only exposed to that part that’s necessary, and only as far as they are required to understand it in relation to their designated task.In addition to this, the number of people who are privy to any of the more sensitive information is very limited, and cover stories are given to them to mask exposure to anything that they are not privy to.

In order to counter any leaks of information into the public domain, which might effectively expose a secret, certain procedures are used to confuse and distort the facts so that what is true and what is false are difficult or impossible to differentiate.Cover stories will be used within the compartmentalized groups who are privy to certain information, but as far as the public goes, any evidence of the truth will be obscured by an overlay of false information. The mass media is used extensively for this purpose.If a vital information leak occurs, it’s followed up immediately with further information that will support the leaked information, but will add further elements that will confuse, mislead, or otherwise discredit it.

Along with skepticism as a tool for maintaining secrets is the factor of ridicule, which is used as a threat to further dissuade people from wanting to believe certain things.Ridicule is applied in a manner that is intended to destroy the credibility of a person who makes claims that could expose certain truths that are being kept secret. Ridicule focuses on destroying a person’s credibility by attempting to mold other people’s perceptions of the person’s intelligence, but without offering any greater intelligence in its place and avoiding having to do so.Ridicule and skepticism go hand in hand with the very term ‘conspiracy theory’, leading many to automatically doubt anything that might be labeled as such, or fear of even entertaining such ideas.Such is the power of conditioning.

Mental Illness
As we’ve just seen, the definition of certain words and phrases have become distorted to the point that their use automatically creates false understandings.The term ‘mental illness’ is used in certain situations to purposely distort the validity of someone, due to how we’ve been conditioned to respond to this term.This is taken advantage of to destroy the credibility of people who speak out about certain things that they know or suspect to be true, but which can’t be easily proven.Fear lies behind the power of skepticism and ridicule, which by extension have a negative effect on phrases like ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘mental illness’.


The full text & more informative articles by Anthony Forwood can be accessed on Scribd by clicking the link below .

Anthony Forwood articles on Scribd


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